Pink Up Your Life

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Pink for old and young, pink for everyone! Powerful and passionate, romantic and delicate, fresh and optimistic - Pink Up Your Life! presents pink in all its facets and nuances. No other color polarizes as much as pink, at the same time none is as versatile. As a pink ribbon it fights against breast cancer, playfully provokingly challenges gender roles, gives stylish creations an extravagant touch, and makes furniture unique. Whether interior design, architecture or fashion - Think pink! is the designers' and artists' slogan. So, put on your pink glasses, scroll through this world of pink products and projects, and choose your favorite shade of pink.

Everybody Needs it! Optimistic, naive and romantic, but not without provocation, extravagance and glamour – that is pink. Hardly any other color can polarize like it does, which is what makes it so multifaceted. The color palette ranges from subdued, restrained shades to garish, dominant nuances. For the packaging for her perfume “Shocking” in 1937 the designer Elsa Schiaparelli chose a pink shade called “shocking pink” that has since then become a classic among colors. "Pink Up Your Life!" is immersed in the universe of pink product designs, presenting the repertoire of famous brands as well as novel creations. Pink makes everything possible! The variety of products proves the point: much more than a color for little girls, pink can call on a global fan base from young to old, male as well as female.

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