Roman Bricks Brain Teaser (True Genius)

Project Genius

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Puzzle-solving is at the heart of every innovation. Faced with a challenge, great thinkers for centuries employed logic, ingenuity, and creative thinking to solve the toughest problems. What resulted were brilliant inventions that changed the world. We’ve honored the original thought-leaders from ancient cultures by connecting their inventions to our brainteasers to create a challenging line of puzzles worthy of the title, True Genius.

Goal: Connect the blocks to form a cube.

The Romans perfected the art of brick-making in the first century BC by adding concrete made from volcanic ash. This stronger, more durable brick launched a series of innovations that lead to a boom in construction. It also paved the way for more structurally complicated architecture such as the Pantheon Dome and The Colosseum. Our puzzle is constructed of six sturdy wooden bricks that stack your ingenuity against the Romans’ true genius.

For Ages: 14+

Product Dimensions: 4 x 4 x 4 inches

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