Roman City Grid Brain Teaser (True Genius)

Project Genius

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Puzzle-solving is at the heart of every innovation. Faced with a challenge, great thinkers for centuries employed logic, ingenuity, and creative thinking to solve the toughest problems. What resulted were brilliant inventions that changed the world. We’ve honored the original thought-leaders from ancient cultures by connecting their inventions to our brainteasers to create a challenging line of puzzles worthy of the title, True Genius.

Goal: Take the puzzle apart and put it back together.

The familiar grid structure central to urban areas worldwide is rooted in the rich history of Rome. Challenged with quickly developing newly-conquered territories to win over the local populace, Roman civil engineers employed their proven formula of connecting two main streets with a right angle in the middle of a town. Cities quickly sprang to life as bath houses, theaters, and public entertainment venues were added to town centers, creating a vibrant central plaza out of formerly-sleepy villages. The Romans’ success became the model that shaped the formation of cities for centuries, and can still be seen in today’s urban landscape. Our puzzle connects 90° angles that form a perfect cube to build on the formula of Rome’s true genius.

For Ages: 8+

Product Dimensions: 4 x 4 x 4 inches

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