Ricordo di Pompei: Qual’era Qual’è

Ricordo di Pompei

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Ricordo di Pompei: Qual’era Qual’è

No publisher listed; no date. Softcover quarto. 48 pp. Souvenir photo album published ca. 1920; bound in pink wrappers with silk cord through pages; tipped gilt-bordered vignette on the front cover depicting putti at work. Illustrated with drawings of scenes from ancient Pompeii before the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in AD 79, side-by-side with black and white photographs showing the same scenes as they appear in ruins in the early twentieth century. With text in Italian, French, English, and German. Condition: Very Good; edges slightly creased; corners rubbed. $25

 A modern artist’s conception of ancient Pompeii’s bustling civic forum, public bath, temple of Apollo, etc., contrasted with evocative photographic views of the lifeless city nearly two millennia after its destruction.

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