Absolutely Crazy Knowledge: The World's Funniest Collection of Amazing Facts

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If only every school test was like an ACK exam! Discover more than 400 amazing facts about the human body, outer space, geography, art, music, nature, history and popular culture, all presented in an outrageously funny parody of school exams! Kids—and—parents will laugh nonstop as they learn all about our wondrous world. Each of the eight extensive quizzes contain hilarious multiple-choice questions and surprising true-false challenges. The actual answer, provided on the next page, includes deeper insight and detail. Perfect for reading out loud to friends and family, ACK exams are a fun way to get smart. There are even includes blank answer sheets that can turn ACK exams into actual family and friend challenge events!

The shortest name for an actual geographic place is:
A. Yt. A village name often found in rural parts of North Africa, where sadly, years of drought have made vowels extremely scarce. B. Å. It may be one letter, but do you know how to say it, smarty-pants?
C. Uh. A town in South Australia, so-called because nobody could remember the original name, Ozenkadnook.
D. Zed. A small city in Florida, named after the way its many British-born residents pronounce the last letter in the alphabet.
Answer: B. In Sweden, there are at least eight villages that go by the name Å, and plenty more in Norway and Denmark. In these Scandinavian languages, ‘Å’ means “small river.”

Which of these places has the largest number of active volcanoes in the world?
A. Indonesia. Residents regularly have to outrun lava.
B. Iceland. They should call it Fireland instead.
C. The teacher’s lounge. They’re always blowing their tops in there.
D. Disney World, near Orlando, Florida. But don’t worry, it’s only a show, folks.
ANSWER: A. Indonesia has a staggering 127 active volcanoes, many of which erupt regularly.


Pub Date: 2015
Format: Paperback with color illus.
Pages: 160 
Size: 7.75 x 9.25 inches

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