Armando Morales, Monograph and Catalogue Raisonne, 1974 - 2004 (Bilingual Edition)

Hudson Hills

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This magnificent 3-volume collection presents a descriptive catalogue of 2,215 works by the Nicaraguan painter, draughtsman and lithographer Armando Morales (1927–2011). The catalogue starts in 1974, at which time Morales had moved away from abstraction to painting the human form, still life and tropical landscapes. The volumes include a number of essays in French, Spanish or English, but all technical notes in the catalogue are in English. 


With nearly 2000 color plates, covers the second phase of this important Nicaraguan artist's career from 1974-2004 where he explores the human form with his series of nudes, and plays with surrealist techniques in his still lifes and everyday compositions.


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