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The Evolution of our World from the Origins of Life to the Future

This astounding account of the geological history of the Earth, detailing the movement of the tectonic plates and continental drift, is a stunning visual representation of the Earth's history. Featuring beautiful world maps, this book covers everything from the origin of life to how the Earth may look in the future. Written by Martin Ince, the president of the Association of British Science Writers, Drift is the perfect guide to our planet's history, and an accessible discussion of how geological change affects life on Earth.

Starting 4.5 billion years ago, this large-format account of the geological history of the Earth traces the movement of landmasses up to the present day and predicts how they will move further. In a series of maps, with concise accompanying texts and detailed line drawings, it explains the gradual continental shifts, and how life developed and diversified as a result. Page five shows eleven stages of the movement from effectively one mass to the continents we know today - not what you expect. Age 7+

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