Everyday Happiness

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A page a day to keep unhappiness at bay.

Researchers agree that happiness is a choice. It is something that comes from within, and you can strive to achieve happiness regardless of your circumstances. To some people that can appear a tall order but the premise of Everyday Happiness is that it takes only one small action every day to build happiness.

The start of a new year is a great time for new beginnings. Everyday Happiness is the perfect guide. On January 1, the reader makes a gratitude jar into which go notes about good things that happen throughout the year.

Each daily page features either an inspirational quote or an exercise, like try something new, take a plant to work, compliment someone, or embrace a color. On December 31, the jar is emptied and reread, bringing a new perspective, reminders of happy times, and hope for the new year. Like its companion title, Everyday Courage, Everyday Happiness is ready to use.


Debut author, Emma Hill, wrote the first draft of Baby Girl on her phone, while commuting to and from her full-time job. The book is inspired by Emma's love of music and female MCs, by the theme of creating art whatever your circumstances and by the need for representation across gender, ethnicity and class in young adult fiction. Emma is of mixed ethnicity - Indian and White British. She grew up in London and Yorkshire and works as a writer, producer, director and facilitator. In addition to the awards and critical recognition of Baby Girl, Emma's other achievements include: BAFTA and Royal Television Society nominations for her producing work; SI Leeds Literary Prize long-listing for her forthcoming second YA novel; Nesta Alternarratives Prize shortlisted cohort for her interactive short story, After Words; remote producing short films in lockdown for BBC iPlayer; creating, writing book and lyrics for and producing Chip Shop - The Musical, which is currently in development as a large-scale, commercial, theatrical production; creating, developing, co-writing and producing the BBC's first Instagram drama for teenagers and much more.

Pub Date: 2017
Format: Paperback
Pages: 376
Size: 5.50 x 7.00 inches