Flowers Of The Moon: Afroalpine Vegetation Of The Rwenzori Mountains

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The first sighting of the Rwenzori Mountain Range by non-Africans was made by Sir Henry Morton Stanley in 1876. Previous to his well-documented report, there were only rumours about these mountains on the border of present Uganda and the Congo, which feed the waters of the Nile. The Greek astronomer Ptolemy referred to them as Mountains of the Moon, a name still used today. The Rwenzori are well known for their extravagant plants. Most stunning are the giant heathers, senecios, and lobelias. Though the flora is similar to that of other higher African mountain ranges, it is much more luxuriant, and is characterised by unusually giant plants. This environment has an aesthetic and almost mystical effect on those who dare to intrude. In this book, photographer Sebastian Schutyser focuses on the aesthetic qualities of the Rwenzori Mountains in general, and of the Afroalpine vegetation in particular. By doing so, he also explores the boundaries of documentary photography.

The use of infrared photography

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