Greek Vase Painting: Form, Figure, and Narrative

Meadows Museum

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This publication, produced in conjunction with the exhibition of the same title at the Meadows Museum, Dallas, highlights the development of Greek art from the dawn of the Iron Age to the age of Alexander, featuring forty-four exceptional ancient Greek, Etruscan, and the Italic vases. Monuments to the search by Greek artists for the means of realizing of the human form, human spaces, and divine narratives, these painted vessels are masterpieces of the potter's craft and painter's art. The Greek artists represented - including the athenians, Andokides, the Berlin Painter, Epiktetos, the Painter of the Madrid Foundation, the Tarquinia Painter, as well as the Baltimore Painter of Magna Graecia- are come of the masters of the medium, and the varied types of vessels span the ancient Greek and Italian world both chronologically and geographically. Reproduced in ninety color plates and accompanied by critical texts documenting each face and interpreting the meaning of the painted subjects, content of the painting, the vases commend themselves not only for their quality and excellent state of preservation, but for their range of imagery. Many are published here for the first time.

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