Hartung: 10 Perspectives

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Until now , there has been no monograph on Hans Hartung, the German born French painter (1904 -1989) available in French or English. Now, to celebrate the centenary of his birth, a monogram of this artist will be published to mark the occasion. Hartung's reputation was established when he was awarded the International Grand Prix for his paintings at the 1960 Venice Biennale. He had rejected the early influence of German expressionism and developed an entirely abstract style in which a strong linear element created a rhythmic unity. To survey his huge work, the book Hartung offers ten perspectives of leading art historians, curators and international artists. Each one accurately presents a new point of view that contributes to the understanding of  Hartung's work from both an inside and historical angle. Abundantly documented with hundreds of Hartung's creations, knowledgeable and handy, this book introduces the countless challenges involved in this work, essential for the comprehension of the history of modern art. 

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