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The book of HEIHO: CONCEPTS IN STRATEGY, is a culmination of research from the International Shito Kan Association into the art, science & philosophy of Karate as a form of Budo. HEIHO follows the vision of Grand Master Shimabuku & the tradition carried on by American Isshin Ryu Master Harold Long, recognized 10th Dan & current patriarch of the Isshin Ryu System. The author continues the lineage into a third generation of Isshin Ryu practice carrying on the legacy of the Okinawan Karate Masters. HEIHO first explores the fundamentals of proper martial arts practice & explores Kaishu Waza, advanced practice, called Shito Kan Chart III which consists of concepts researched & developed to serve as Bunkai (applications) for correct, traditional application of Tatsuo Shimabuku's Chart I, II & the eight empty hand Kata (forms) of Isshin Ryu derived from the Goju & Shorin Ryu systems. The advanced techniques explore many elements of Kata Bunkai not normally learned in standard Karate training. HEIHO is essential reading for anyone interested in the study of Karate Jutsu & Budo including fundamental developmental aspects of basic technique & etiquette as well as advanced applications & theory of Karate Budo as a philosophy of life.


Dr. J.L. Aiello (10th Dan) Isshin Ryu has been training in the Martial Arts and Karate for over 33 years. He is a Doctor of Chiropractic and has created a unique practice which combines the rehabilitative and rejuvenating aspects of Martial Arts training and Chiropractic care. He has a Ph.D. in health science and is a Diplomat in preventive medicine. He began training in Tang Soo Do in 1967 and trained in Koei Kan, Isshin Ryu and American Karate, achieving rank in these styles.

Pub Date: 1997
Format: Paperback with bw illus.
Pages: 333
Size: 8.50 x 11.00 inches

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