Hip Hop Stylography: Street Style and Culture

Hip Hop Stylography: Street Style and Culture

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  • Pays respect to hip hop as a multimedia phenomenon: not merely music, fashion or dance
  • A complete guide to the world of hip hop, covering everything from sneakers and tattoos to music, cinema, the catwalk and the street

More than a musical genre, more than a mode of dress or dance, hip hop is a way of life. Born in the Seventies, on the multicultural streets of New York, hip hop is the result of numerous cultural influences, reworked through continuous experimentation, processes of globalization, and media and commercial exposure. Rich in photographs, graphics and illustrations, this book celebrates the multiform imagery of hip hop culture, explaining the underlying meaning of hip hop slang, the origin of the look and the unmistakable rhythm. It traces its evolution from the street to the catwalk, from video clips to TV series, from New York block parties to controversial celebrities and stardom. A tribute to the historical and cultural value of the movement, Hip Hop: From Street Culture to Global Trend will be an inexhaustible source of inspiration for all lovers of music, fashion and graphics. Enter hip hop's extraordinary world.


Arianna Piazza is a lecturer in the History of Art, Textiles and Fashion at Afol Moda Milano. She is the author of multiple texts and publications on the history of costume and textiles, and on the history of businesses and brands such as Nivea, Loro Piana and Ermenegildo Zegna. She is a true Nineties girl; hip hop, like it or not, is part of who she is.

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