Ivory Veil: 5-year Ultra Snapshot Journal


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From a modern perspective, lace is a fabric reserved for special occasions, whether for those publicly acknowledged or the times when we want to communicate a subtle message with our clothes. Such is the irresistible charm and guile of this fabric – even a small slip of delicate lace added to an ensemble can give an onlooker pause.

No other material makes us such perfectly contradictory promises in equal measure – to shroud, yet to reveal; to sheathe, yet to expose. In the world of fabrics, lace is a chameleon able to make itself at home in a public context just as well as in private, side with innocence or sin, bring out a daring or conformist quality and ingratiate itself so craftily with both opulence and primness.

The search for an image that would convey our fascination with this fabric led us to the exceptional collection of vintage lace at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. Eventually we settled on an illustration from the museum’s in-house publication, an impressive survey tracing four centuries of lace-making and its many different styles. There is a vast range of origins, forms and traditions that make up the cultural heritage of lace, but at their heart they are all commonly described as openwork fabrics formed by weaving and interlocking threads.

With few exceptions, modern industrial techniques have come to replace manual work and traditional lace-making methods, including the process of dyeing the material. Today we can have it in any shade, yet in the West white lace is still favoured as a fabric most fit for important events in our lives. The exquisite white lace featured on our Ivory Veil cover invokes the sense of purity and virtue that we seek on these occasions, while the pattern’s astonishing detail reminds us why we continue to associate this fabric with luxury.


Pub Date: 2015
Format: Other
Pages: 192 
Size: 9.00 x 7.00 inches

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