Karate Experience: A Way of Life

Karate Experience: A Way of Life

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"This book is about the eye of the storm."

So states Randall G. Hassell as he leads the reader into the world of Japanese martial arts (Budo) of which Karate takes on a far-deeper meaning than the usual Western concepts of a mayhem of deadly kicks and equally-deadly flying fists.


Randall G. Hassell began his study of Karate in 1960, and received his black belt from the Japan Karate Association in 1968. For almost six decades, he devoted himself to the teaching and study of karate-do and other martial arts. In addition to teaching in his school in St. Louis, Missouri, Mr. Hassell oversaw the instruction of thousands of students and traveled extensively, lecturing and officiating. When he passed away, he left an great legacy of karate knowledge and wisdom amongst those who knew him and read his works. He is considered one of the more relevant authorities in the world of karate-do

Pub Date: 1981
Format: Hardback
Pages: 107
Size: 5.50 x 7.50 inches

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