Kipling, Song of Songs: Lined Mini Journal


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Joseph Rudyard Kipling (1865–1936) was an honest and probing observer of life and human nature. Though today mostly remembered for his children’s literature such as The Jungle Book, Kipling was an innovative short-story writer and a controversial figure in the British colonial era.

The plainspoken vigour of Kipling’s writing is made manifest on our book cover, which features his illustrated letter entitled “The Song of Songs which is Solomon’s.” Originally written to the British politician Lord Alfred Milner on September 8, 1907, the letter is a humorous lament on Milner’s work in South Africa, his current position in Liberal politics and his attitude toward Winston Churchill. Kipling’s signature wit is on display here, even as he penned a letter of protest to a politician.

Kipling’s stories and poems continue to be read and celebrated for their candid celebration of everyday life. His children’s books are enduring classics and his best works of poetry and prose serve to exhibit his luminous gift.


Format: Hardback with magnetic closure
Pages: 176 lined 
Size: 3.75 x 5.50 inches

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