Lions & Tigers & Bears, Oh My

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The fiercest creatures become the most fun when you play Lions and Tigers and Bear, Oh My!

Roll the dice and score based on who can boast the best beasts. Kingly Lions are worth three points, Tigers nab two points, and Bears one point each. If you roll a blank, Oh My!, that die is removed from play.

You can only score one type of animal per turn, so choose wisely.

Can you amass the most amazing menagerie of all?

  • Which king of the animal kingdom will you choose to score the most points?
  • Each die has six sides, featuring one of three animals and three blank faces
  • Rolling an animal will score points, while rolling any blank face will cause you to lose that die for the rest of the game!
  • Designed for 2 to 5 players ages 6 and up, with each game lasting 10 minute on average
  • Contents include 25 custom six-sided dice and instruction book

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