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As the head of an ambitious Venetian family in Intrigo (a.k.a. Masques) – which won the 2009 Concours de créateurs under the title St Benoît – you have sent your most influential representatives to mingle at the Doge's masquerade ball. By cleverly positioning these guests (and by manipulating the guests of your opponents), you'll vie for the attention of Venice's elite guild masters, ensuring the most political power for your family.

Gameplay revolves chiefly around the clever use of guest cards with varying levels of influence. Each player receives a hand of guest cards, and each guest card has an influence value and its own power, e.g., the peddler, the assassin and the gondolier. The higher the influence, the greater that guest's clout at court. Each player's hand consists of a mix of cards representing members of any of the families currently in play. Use a rival family's guest cards against them, and watch for chances to set up your own house for success. Each of the rooms of the Doge's palace offer tokens representing a guild's favor or valuable ducats to be won by ambitious nobles. The spaces between each card that represents a room in the palace are the hallways of the Doge's estate – the areas in which guest cards are placed to compete for adjacent resources.

A masked ball is the perfect occasion to gain influence and rise through the political ranks. Your family has done the hard work, but there are others who want to take your place at the Doge's side. Through a series of dances, you'll have the opportunity to scheme your way to influence over five different Factions. Play Plot cards to gain Ducats and earn the favor of the various Factions, or spend money to influence different workers around the palace to do your bidding. It will require careful planning to prove that your family is the most powerful in the kingdom. Will you have the wits, cunning, and luck to come out ahead?

  • For 2-4 players
  • 45 minute playing time
  • Lots on intriguing decisions to make with the fun opportunity to backstab friends!
  • Accessible rules and short playtime make masques an ideal game for players of all skill levels
  • Beautiful, original art by Miguel Coimbra, Edouard Guyton, Louise combat and Nicolas fructus


  • 1 First Player Card.
  • 16 Arcade Cards.
  • 4 Family Cards.
  • 20 Faction Cards.
  • 18 Influence Cards.
  • 1 Cloth Bag.
  • 36 Ducat Tokens.
  • 15 Faction Seal Tokens.
  • 1 Rulebook.

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