On The Most Ancient Wisdom Of The Italians

On The Most Ancient Wisdom Of The Italians

Yale University Press

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Drawn Out from the Origins of the Latin Language

This volume comprises a new critical edition of Vico’s original Latin text and a faithful translation of this early work on metaphysics.  The Latin edition faithfully reproduces Vico's original 1710 text as first printed; it is accompanied by Jason Taylor's complete, accurate, and highly readable English translation.

In an illuminating introduction to the volume, Robert Miner elucidates Vico's short but difficult work; at the same time, he allows the reader to assess the importance of that work, in absolute terms as well as relative to Vico's other writings and the work of his numerous interlocutors in the republic of letters.

Taken as a whole, this volume provides the text and guidance to support a fresh engagement with Vico's thought, especially his earliest philosophical works. It will also serve as a valuable resource for students and scholars with interests in eighteenth-century thought.


Jason Taylor is assistant professor of philosophy, Regis University. He lives in Denver, CO. Robert Miner is associate professor of philosophy in the Honors College, Baylor University. He lives in Waco, TX.

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