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The Orchestra, a non-fiction book for children, introduces musical instruments, basic musical concepts and the symphonic orchestra. The very straight-forward text is accompanied by playful, but accurate, drawings. A number of musical concepts are explored, among them harmony, tempo and dynamics. The role of the composer and conductor are explored and each musical instrument described. A subplot, apparent only through the illustrations, shows two children who wend their way through the orchestra's rehearsal, visiting the instrument families, and culminates in a full-dress concert.

Comprehensive, but simple in its approach, the book combines solid information with an enjoyable format.


Mark Rubin has produced a number of films and television shows for young children.

Victor Feldbrill, conductor of the Toronto Symphony program for young children, has reviewed the text for accuracy.

Alan Daniel has illustrated a number of books, among them Flying and Swimming Creatures and The Bait Chopper.

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