A Place in the Sun: Green Living and the Solar Home


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Green living meets good design in this luxuriously illustrated volume. These environmentally responsible, perfectly designed solar-powered houses will inspire readers to see their homes as places that can blend sustainability and beauty. The book vividly demonstrates that living green does not have to mean sacrificing comfort and living with less. In truth, it is living with so much more-peace of mind, better health, and the elegance of sustainable design that maximizes natural lighting, natural ventilation, and natural textures and materials and puts an emphasis on craftsmanship.

Incisive text offers profiles of the featured houses through interviews with the homeowners and includes practical information in sidebars covering green decorating and earth-friendly remodeling as well as healthy home tips and shopping resources. Readers are shown steps they can take and places to obtain the materials needed. Indeed, this book is a handy green product buyer's guide to help navigate scores of green home essentials from furnishings to household cleaners. The reader benefits from practical advice derived from the experience of homeowners, builders, and architects, who have achieved the dream of creating not only a solar home but a home that is green inside and out.


Stephen Snyder is the coauthor of The New Solar Home and New Green Home Solutions and several other nonfiction books.

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