Prisoner's Duty

Prisoner's Duty

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Throughout our nation's history American servicemen and civilians have resisted captivity in every form, drawing on special powers of ingenuity, determination, and patriotism to escape-- sometimes repeatedly. Robert Doyle's penetrating look at some extraordinary escapes by Americans breaks new ground in escape psychology, shedding light on the types of people who try to breakout and those who do not. This engrossing study probes the personal and social impacts of escape, the many motivations that spur such acts, and the concept of the escaper as the ideal prisoner and the ultimate patriot.


Robert C. Doyle is a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He served as a naval officer from 1967 to 1971, including South Vietnam in 1968, 1970-71. He received his PhD from Bowling Green State University and is a professor of history at the Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio.

Pub Date: 2016
Format: Paperback
Pages: 400
Size: 6.00 x 9.25 inches

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