Supernatural Short Stories


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In this collection, werewolves, vampires and ghosts stalk their victims through the nights. Incorporating elements from both horror and fantasy, these supernatural stories are terrifying tales filled with extraordinarily imaginative creations. Often difficult to distinguish between the real villains of the world and the hallucinations of the fragile psyche, these stories will both disturb and enthrall readers. These terrifying tales by the masters of supernatural horror are sure to keep you awake at night.


These writers have terrified readers for generations with their visions of supernatural horrors. Authors include Charlotte Perkins Gilman, John William Polidori, Francis Marion Crawford, Guy de Maupassant, Ambrose Bierce, Arthur Machen, Bram Stoker, E F Bensen, M R James, Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu, and Clifford Ball.

Pub Date: 2018
Format: Hardback
Pages: 382 
Size: 6.50 x 9.25 inches

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