Top 10 for Kids Deadly Animals

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Enter into a world of razor-sharp fangs, toxic stingers and flesh-tearing claws. The natural world is a place that can frighten, yes, but also amaze.

Top 10 for Kids Deadly Animals has scads of cool lists of the most treacherous, poisonous and creepy animals in our planet's lands, skies, oceans and prehistoric past. It's jam-packed with exciting come-alive photographs and illustrations, and a team of four guides who interject humor and introduce "Killer Facts" and "The Lowdown" details.

Contents include:

  • Deadliest of Them All: Most Deadly, Most Frightening Jaws, Most Bizarre Ways To Kill, Amazing Predatory Battles, Biggest Bloodsuckers, and more.
  • Deadliest on Land: Scariest Land Predators, Most Frightening Weapons, Biggest Carnivorous Reptiles, Largest Spiders, and more.
  • Deadliest in the Water: Biggest Sharks, Most Poisonous Fish, Most Terrifying Aquatic Monsters, Biggest River Monsters, and more.
  • Deadliest in the sky: Scariest Carnivorous Birds, Fastest Airborne Predators, Deadliest Flying Insects and more.
  • Deadliest Prehistoric Predators: Largest Ocean Beasts, Biggest Prehistoric Carnivorous Mammals, Weirdest Prehistoric Creatures, Most Terrifying Dino Weaponry, and more.

Top 10 for Kids Deadly Animals packs tons of creepy facts into an exciting format ready for reading and sharing. When it comes to creatures that you don't want to meet in a dark alley, these deadly animals are the ones to watch out for.

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