Top 10 for Kids Nature

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Top 10 for Kids Nature is packed to the max with checklists, fun facts and pictures. Humorous, relatable and informative, the book engages readers while they learn about earth and the rocks, water and plants that it is made of and the animals, insects and birds and more that live on it. Where is Earth's biggest volcano? What's the tallest tree on the planet? It's all in here, ready for kids to discover and share.

Children love to rank and swap and discuss. This book is full of definitive checklists just like the fact lists that are part of the Top Trumps craze ruling playgrounds everywhere.

Contents include:

  • Team T-10 (4 kids aged 8-12) add humor and personality
  • Essential stats and facts
  • "Parents keep out" items tap into the 'secrets' craze
  • A cool approach to information appeals to reluctant readers
  • Eyecatching, easy to follow design.

 Top 10 for Kids Nature is a must-have book containing exactly what kids want: lists, facts and pictures to share with friends. Colorful, weird and masses of fun, this fantastic read will keep kids entertained to the max.

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