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Kids are enormously keen on cute and cuddly pets and Top 10 for Kids Pets has lists with plenty of cats and dogs. It also has Top 10 lists of exotic animals no one would ever have guessed would be anyone's pet. There are also lists of celebrity animals, weird and unusual rodents, and birds and fish whose pet-hood is a surprise.

Top 10 for Kids Pets has more than just lists. A team of four cool kids interject humor and introduce "Killer Facts" and "The Lowdown" details. The book is packed with exciting come-alive photographs and illustrations.

Contents include:

  • All Creatures: World's Biggest Pets, Most Expensive Pets, Most Popular Pet Names, and more.
  •  Dogs and Cats: Largest Domestic Cat Breeds, Unusual Dog Breeds, Most Expensive Cat Breeds, Smartest Dog Breeds, and more.
  • Cute and Fluffy: Funniest Long-Haired Pets, Smallest Rabbit Breeds, Smallest Rodent Pets, Cutest Baby Animals, and more.
  • Exotic Pets: Weirdest Exotic Pets, Most Fabulous Birds, Most Popular Nocturnal Pets, Most Beautiful Tropical Fish, and more.
  • Famous Friends: Coolest Pet Films, Celebrity Pet Owners, Famous Cartoon Cats, Biggest-Selling Digital Pets, and more.

 Always cute, usually cuddly, and sometimes just weird, Top 10 for Kids Pets has it all. And that's not to mention the outright hilarious. (What's not to love about the Funniest Long-Haired Pets?)


PAUL TERRY is a bestselling author and award-winning music artist. He has worked with leading kids' brands including LEGO, Disney, DreamWorks, The SimpsonsFuturama, and Star Wars. A huge film, music and comic fan, Paul's understanding of what children find fascinating, meticulous research, and his love of trivia made him the ideal writer to inherit the legacy of Top 10's originator, Russell Ash.  When he's not writing books, Paul writes music. His film scores include Emily (starring Oscar-nominee Felicity Jones and Emmy-winner Christopher Eccleston) and the highly acclaimed werewolf comedy The Furred Man. Under his solo moniker of Cellarscape, his records include the award-winning album The Act Of Letting Go.

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