Ultimate Book Of Gunfighting

Ultimate Book Of Gunfighting

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Know how to win in a gunfight and protect yourself—and your family.

Many handgunners are content in their ability to fire accurately and produce small groups on paper. The realities of gunfighting are far different. Robert K. Campbell examines every aspect of gunfighting, stressing the ability to defend yourself safely. He covers the basics of marksmanship and how to avoid bad habits as shooters develop their skill.

Campbell also provides a thorough discussion of types of handguns and choosing which personal firearm to purchase. He reviews the differences between round and square guns, service handguns, and compact carry guns. Other accessories are also reviewed, including holsters, belts, vests, and ammunition—everything you need for the concealed carry lifestyle. Other key topics include:

Close quarters combat
Presentation from the holster
Firing when moving
Cover and concealment
Hostage rescue and firing in crowds
And much more!

Once well-versed in the gunfighter’s basics, Campbell offers such further tips for students as clearing malfunctions the “army way,” and executing speed loads, and finding a good place to shoot. The Ultimate Book of Gunfighting is the perfect resource for handgunners looking for technique, discipline, and recommendations for service-grade equipment.


Robert K. Campbell has written for popular publications such as Gun Digest, Shotgun News, and Handguns and has also written for professional publications, such as Police magazine and SWAT magazine. He is also a regular contributor to American Gunsmith. He resides in Startex, South Carolina.

Pub Date: 2016
Format: Paperback with color illus.
Pages: 197 
Size: 6.00 x 9.00 inches

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