Unseen London

Unseen London

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•Thirty contemporary photographers reveal the city of London in a new light

You know what London looks like - or so you think. You've seen the bright lights of Piccadilly Circus, the dull grey skies above. You've seen Buckingham Palace and Big Ben, black cabs and red phone boxes. But the tourist vision isn't the whole story. Tucked away down the Big Smoke's twisting alleyways are worlds that visitors rarely get to see. This illuminating book brings together 30 contemporary photography projects that reveal beautiful, surprising hidden sides of the capital. Each one takes the reader on a visual journey that you won't find in the guidebooks. Meander through the magical half-light of Hampstead Heath at dusk and trace the battle scars left on the city's buildings by the Blitz. Meet the boat-dwelling modern hippies who've made the canals their home, the suburban kids on the few remaining adventure playgrounds, the commuters who stroll to their desk jobs like figures in a Lowry painting. Watch from the top door of a double decker bus as theatrical street scenes unfold, travel deep underground to see the Cross Rail train tunnels mid-construction. Let the world's best photographers show you one of the world's greatest cities like you've never seen it before.


Rachel Segal-Hamilton is a journalist and writer specializing in photography and visual culture. She is a regulart contributor to The Journal of British Photography, The Telegraph, and VICE.

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