Van Huysum: Unlined Ultra Journal


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More sumptuous and full of life than even the finest arrangement on your table, the Still Life Burst cover is based on a painting by Jan van Huysum (1682–1749) that seems to burst off the page. A seduction of the eye and a jolt of passion for the soul, this “still life” is anything but static. Instead, vibrant colors and details entice you to look closer.

Van Huysum is perhaps the greatest master of that most revered subject in the Dutch artistic canon: the flower. Dutch still-life painting represents the pinnacle of the form and nowhere is it on such magnificent display as in this, Van Huysum’s Still Life with Flowers and Fruit. Completed around 1715, this masterful oil on panel is now held at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, USA. It has been admired for centuries for its tightly packed blooms and abundant fruits and vegetation, all of which Van Huysum painted in his signature combination of calculated observation and unparalleled imagination.


Format: Hardback with elastic closure

Pages: 144 blank

Size: 5.00 x 7.00 inches

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