Warrior Within

Warrior Within

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This book is written about thinking. More precisely, accurate thinking. The title, "The Warrior Within", reflects the essence of our greatest inner source, the mind. Whether you are a lay-person, martial artist or chiropractor, I believe that you will find this book to be a unique perspective on the subjects of the mind, inner-power, and how we may access this power. Although I realize many people are not interested in karate or chiropractic specifically, I feel that martial artists, chiropractors, their families and support groups represent a large segment of the population in the United States today. I have yet to find any other material concerning this subject; there are just no books for the warrior on accurate thinking, the building of self-esteem, and learning to tap our greatest source, our inner-power. The most amazing source of power you can find anywhere for controlling energy and directing action is your mind.


Pub Date: 1992
Format: Paperback with bw illus.
Pages: 103
Size: 8.50 x 10.50 inches